Importance of investing early

Investing is not a way to get rich quick, investing in assets is a way that makes your money to grow over time. It is important to start as early as possible to allow.

Compound interest works every year but its real power is felt over decades.

The earlier one gets started in regular yearly contributions to their retirement, the larger the pay off will be when it is time to cash out.

That is why it is so important to start investing as early as possible.

Your yearly investments will grow and compound over time. They will also provide dividends to be automatically re-invested. As well yearly contributions from a dilligent investment strategy will grow the entire compounding cauldron regularly every year.

We will illustrate some simple examples. With an initial investment of $1,200. And an additional investment of $1,200 every year on top. For 30 years total.

If we just saved $1,200 a year for 30 years we would have $36,000 in total savings.

If we instead invested in an asset that averages 10% profit per year that number at 30 years becomes $227,223.61.

This is the power of compounding return on investment (ROI).

Initial Investment: $1,200 Monthly Contribution $100 Average ROI 10% per year Time Invested 30 Years